Reyes de Europa

"A veces amanezco, y hasta mi alma esta húmeda."
Anónimo said:
bitch it's not a fantasy, it's torture. i want hae song to suffer the most painful death ever by fisting her asshole.

hae song will never die.

"Fun time with my kid last night." - @Cristiano

"Fun time with my kid last night." - @Cristiano

Anónimo said:
promise me that if cristiano leaves you will fly over to sf and fist hae song's dirty asshole with your bare hands?

your lesbian fantasies are quite creative. so refreshing.

Anónimo said:
Somewhere in Serbia, that bitch neuers is fapping furiously to this Xabi transfer.

Don’t make me gag :(

Xabi leaving so abruptly is a disgrace and absolutely dishonorable. Have fun rotting away at Bayern. You have to go for the lesser clubs when retirement is on the horizon.

IKER, CRIS & FERNANDO - Champions League. The draw for the group stage - 28/08/14

CRIS, IKER, FERNANDO European Player of the Year Nomination - 28/08/14

”I’m very happy. I dedicate it to all my teammates, who made it possible, and to everyone who believed in me. You always have little hope that you might win and so I did feel quietly confident. I would like to thank all my teammates..I will do that in person when I get back to Madrid tomorrow.” - Cristiano Ronaldo.